SEPTEMBER 26 – 27, 2018


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Women and Leadership is a unique professional development experience. Our goal is to highlight women in leadership positions of all kinds and to encourage both genders to foster growth in themselves and others. Over half of college graduates are women, 47% of the workforce is female, and women make up 51% of the population in the United States.* Additionally, women and men bring different strengths to leadership, ranging from their ability to mentor to their willingness to take risks.ˆ Successful organizations know that leadership must encompass and encourage both genders if they want to thrive in a competitive world. Our appeal to both women and men is one of our distinguishing characteristics. In fact, male attendees are more likely than their female counterparts to describe the conference as life-changing.

A sell-out crowd of over 750 attendees from all over Idaho and the Mountain West attended the 2017 conference. Our attendees include many of the region’s leaders in business, law, science, environment, armed services, government, and the arts, as well as those who are busy becoming our leaders of tomorrow. We hope that you join us this year, as we move forward and build upon every woman’s strength.


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